pNode running HOT and continuous fan activity

My pNode is running hot with constant fan activity.

I initialized the unstaking process a few days back. Yesterday I noticed unusual fan activity. The whole thing is running hot.

I have it connected using wlan.
The node is displaying the orange unstaking status.
Is this a normal behavior?

Hi @jorno…Welcome to the community…create a ticket @Support and one of the mods will follow up with you about the issue… :sunglasses:

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This is so normal. Unstaking will be performed after your last committee (earning).

For the rest, please wait for the support.


Hi @jorno, it is normal behavior. pNode is like a small computer, the fan will increase the RPM automatically to adapt to the CPU usage.


Although it being normal, when it happened to one of my nodes multiple times in a row without seeing rewards coming in, I just turned the node off for 15 minutes or so, turned it back on and things seemed fine again.


Alright then.
Meanwhile it did stop ventilating like crazy for now. :+1:

Thanks for getting back on this obviously minor issue.