pNode keeps needing to redownload BC

I’ve noticed that my pNode keeps needing to redownload the blockchain very regularly. I’ve been trying to see if I can spot the timing, but haven’t been able to see the exact cause. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Send your logs to @ support and they can assist you and figure out what the problem is.

Both my pnodes also do that from time to time. One of them is doing that just right now. I think it’s connected with docker tag change or something.

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I had the same thing for a while and now it seems like it self corrected. Sometimes just give it a bit of time and if not satisfied let support know.

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It’s been hard to tell because for some reason the docker tags seem to change after I validate.

I’ll keep an eye on it. It’s not an issue at the moment. My worry is that eventually this is degrade my storage. I’m not sure if this is an SSD or HDD setup. So far it hasn’t impacted validation and my internet speeds are fast enough that I don’t care about the bandwidth.