pNode keeps going offline

I have an issue . My node keeps going offline and when I do a restart and try to get it online my full network goes down. I had a 12 mbps line before and Peter told me it requires a higher speed internet. So now I have a 500 mbps line and still when it’s on it takes the full network down and non of my computers or phones connected to it work. So I put it offline. Please tell me why it needs to take so much bandwidth.

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Welcome to the community @Blackberry…reach out to @Peter or send a ticket to @Support to follow up with you on your issue…be aware that there might be a delay in their response to you for it being the weekend right now… :sunglasses:


Ok thanks. I tried to contact Peter on telegram some days back but no response.

@Peter, could you please take time to look into this case? It seems to be an inconvenience that need to be sorted out ASAP.

And thanks @Tempestblack for always being a helpful neighbor. :blush:

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Hello @Blackberry Glad to know that you upgraded the network.

We are not sure how your Node’s status is at this moment, so we would like to check it again. Please prepare your Node with an Ethernet cable and let me know when you are available, we will use Anydesk ( to check the Node.

But how will you connect to it. Last time also was the same issue and you were not able to connect. The network goes down and nothing works. So the system for anydesk doesn’t connect.

I believe with the upgrade of your network, we can examine more this time. Let’s send us a direct message to let us know your available time, so we can do it again.

How to send you direct message. I connected it today and it took the full network down that I was not able to access anything.

Here’s how: Instructions to contact Support

Done I sent you a message

Hi @Blackberry Thanks for agreeing to let us have a look at it.

As we discussed it’s an issue with the specific configurations of your router, that doesn’t allow the node to communicate with the Internet.
About the response of the Node: “Destination Host unreachable”, you can read more here:

A new router might solve this issue. I will include the specific details in the private message, and will not be posting it here as we don’t want to expose your network information.

We are willing to continue to help you troubleshoot if your situation changes.