Pnode help

Hello. Can someone help me understand the new way of doing things with the pnode? I was one of the first supporters of this device and have had it since the beginning. At the beginning, I plugged it in and it started earning. I didn’t have to do much. For over a year now, it’s been offline and doing nothing. I understand there’s a new procedure where I have to stake it? And when I go to do that, it’s saying I need 1750 PRV? Wow. I only have about 550. So am I right in thinking I’ll need to spend hundreds of dollars to get my balance up to 1750 just to use this node again? If so, why? I already purchased the node many years ago. Can someone help me understand this? As of right now, my node is turned on, but in the app shows a grey circle. I’m guessing it’s offline because I havent “staked” it. Please help!

Hello @Jimw,

Please read over this guide regarding pNodes & Slashing.