pNode hasn’t earned

My pNode hasn’t earned in months and months. I have power cycled it many times and nothing.

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Hi @CodedInk…Welcome to the community first of all…now as to your pNode not earning…when you state “months and months”…could you be a lil bit more specific as to how much time it has been…thanks…:sunglasses:

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To prevent attackers from taking control of the network, node selection to become a validator and to earn is random. This means that sometimes it takes the node only days to earn, sometimes weeks or even months like in your case.
If your pNode already earned once or a few times in the past then your pNode is surely staked and it will earn again in the future. Just sit back and relax.

If you have doubts about your pNode staking status, there are a few ways to check.

  1. Using the official App.
  2. Using community-developed telegram bot Nito, more info here. Recommended, I’m using this also.
  3. Using RPC

Thanks I’ve been a part of the project almost since it started. I’m super familiar with how everything works. No noob here. I have multiple pNodes. One of which hasn’t earned in about 2 months. Yes I have another pNode that earns quite a bit. I use Postman and yes I have queried it and it seems to be working fine just never gets accepted. It has consistently earned far less than my other pNode over the past year and a half.

I’m sorry for making such assumption.
But worry not, I believe that it is normal for a node not to earn in such a long time. I myself also have 2 nodes, 1 recently earns twice last month while the other keeps sitting there for 2 months now. I even grew impatient and unstake them both.
So, as long as your nodes are staked, they will surely earn.

It definitely feels like there’s a degradation in earnings lately. I have 4 pnodes and keep very detailed earnings records. Since Nov, “earnings per node average” has been on a very steady and steep decline and in January the decline picked up momentum, as of today 1 of my nodes hasn’t earned anything in 60 days:
average earnings per node:
January - 16.5354
February - 11.3705
March - 9.5346
As of today, April is at 6.9435.
I’ve only been here since May/2020 and really stand behind the project, but I am concerned. Are my numbers similar to anyone else or is there an issue at my end? that’s the question I’ve considered most often these past few months.

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