pNode from europe

Are there any chances of pNodes or Node Tree shipping from European Country ? Import Taxes are exploding and this is bad for us Europeans if we want to order more and more Nodes…


That would be nice. I paid like Euro 60 or so.
For the Netherlands a pNode costs $399 + $49 + ~Euro 60


For now the better option is to run a vNode or rebuild the pNode as a NUC or similar with the same specs. You will end up with a little less in hardware costs plus safe on shipping and import fees. Only downside is there ain’t no pre-funded option but that one is not preferrable imho…

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i have paid +300$ last time i ordered 2 of them

so 399+399+300

I want to buy more but i cannot afford too much import taxes here in Greece

For a Vnode you will need over 2800$ per node , so it isn’t the best option

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That is a lot of money. I would probably go with the Provide feature to earn the 1750 to stake a vNode. Not a fast way, but it will work.


I agree that “provide” is the better option when facing these massive import taxes!


Yeah, Provide will be a better choice