Pnode for sale

Anyone want to buy a pnode? I’ve got two I want to get rid of. You’ll have to stake it yourself. Since incognito took away funded staking.

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where will you be shipping from?

Dallas Texas. Just waiting for them to finish unstaking and then I don’t want them anymore :joy:

They are just mini computers, you can use them for a lot of other things when you remove the software. I hoped you were living in Europe. Shipping from the USA to Europe often includes high fees at the border unfortunately.

I’m definitely interested, and Orlando FL won’t kill me on shipping. But, just wanna make sure I know what’s involved- without funded staking is it the same for a pnode as a vnode (think 1,750PRV) required?


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Damn. Such a high bar to get into the game.

I have a (limited) understanding of how things work, particularly with the keys involved, but if you wanna work out a deal- where I purchase the node, but you keep the node staked while I maintain it and slowly acquire the 1750PRV- I’d be happy to get creative with you.

Totally understand how unattractive that offer may sound, tho, and I’m sure there are others who are interested in just a straight purchase. I’ll follow the thread to see, but feel free to reach out if you wanna make something work.

I think it is not possible anymore. :point_down: @Sky824


Yeah, I figured this was all a longshot and we could intervene or something. I’m learning.

Appreciate it.

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Shouldn’t you guys be able to transfer the pNode hardware and also transfer the key to the associated pNode? Without touching the stake. You’d basically just be changing the IP address where the node is found… I assume…

Yes you can but the original owner cannot ‘unlearn’ the private key. The new owner would forever have to trust that the original owner doesn’t take the funds.

It’s not a huge deal though to keep it as-is, with a bit of trust. Every time you earn just send the funds to a different incognito address that you control. If the original owner ever starts stealing the funds then you’ll have to unstake it and stake it with your own 1750PRV.