pNode for sale [UK] price drop

Hello Community,

It is with regret that I will be unable to continue mining for prv due to technical constraints and lack of time to input. This is not to go against the good work that is being done in the project.

My pNode is fully operational and has no problems. It is in the UK and would prefer to send to someone in the UK or Europe. But you will have restake for the basic amount of prv you get as a free stake amount to get rewards. The incognito team will help you to set it up when it arrives.

Please dm me for any queries about buying the node from me.

Price - $250 + postage (in crypto or PayPal)

Many thanks

Your saying we have to put in the 1750prv tokens now worth close to 1900usd? Or will I have the chance to the staked by incognito for the 1750 and accepting their lower 35% cut? In Europe so would be easier but need to know this and more before I should decide to buy it from you

Disclaimer: Incognito does not support the transfer of pNodes to new users. Users who purchase a pNode from another individual are highly encouraged to self-stake as there is no way to prevent the previous owner from stealing node rewards if the funded stake option is used.

The Buyer assumes all risk when purchasing a pNode and Incognito will not be liable for missing rewards.

Okay for a link to buy a node direct from Incognito prv?

Pnodes can no longer be purchased directly from incognito. They previously were available but that has since ceased.

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As @SPAddict25 said, pNode production has halted. Interested users are encouraged to run a vNode or use the Staking Service in-app.

Any reason why they stopped it, perhaps moving almost totally to proof of stake? Anyone have some information reasons given by Incognito prv? Probably little to no support for node owners.

Hello @Chriseidan,

I am the Community Manager for Incognito. You can identify staff and the support team by the shield next to our usernames. There were 2 main reasons. 1) Supply chain issues - the nuc pc inside is very hard to source, especially in bulk amounts. 2) vNodes are more reliable as they are usually ran on VPS servers with redundant internet and power at data centers.

We actually still fully support pNode operators. We also support vNode operators even though vNodes are technically supposed to be up to the user to maintain.


So if I set up a pc to use as a nod this is something you will use and support as you still need proof of work etc. Asking here if it would make sense to get an extra pc and ise it as a nod to help incog and make pris?

I’ll vouch for this. Spent many one-on-one hours over the last two years with different members of the team troubleshooting pnode issues.

Thanks for replies. I will suggest the pNode funded stake (from Incognito) and I don’t think this has been a problem before when the same transfers were made. So you get the device with the chance to set it up again (my internet was bad so it has been unstaked). I will then remove it from my wallet.

What would you say you would be the minimum requirements for a pc to run a node? Would the specifications on my pc similar to the pnode Incognito were selling give the same results more or less?

Please keep in mind that if you set-up a node yourself it is considered a vNode and you will need 1750 PRV to stake. It is highly recommended that you instead use a VPS unless you have a good understanding of running and maintaining a server with good uptime.

Okay thanks for the guidance, I still 1750 prv if I set up a VPS as your suggestion right? When I say Requirements not just thinking about amount I stake alone but the CPU GPU etc for the pc I would put i circulation.
I’m looking at this from a long term perspective as I see this as a very important segment for crypto, taking that into consideration what can I do to contribute as much as possible to this part of Blockchain in general?

Since my post, the staking flow has changed. Once staked, you now belong to only one shard, so SSD space requirements is less than before

Any difference between solid state or traditional HDD thinking/looking at PC’s with 4 to 8 ram 250gb to 1 terra lower volume HDD high end or just go for volume? A general set up as a minimum would be great:) where I live internet is super super fast so thinking a bit of personal gain but also the concept of Blockchain in general could be such an amazing contribution to our society.

You will want to go with SSD and not HDD. Write speed of physically spinning HDD will not be fast enough.

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Minimum size you would recommend? What else would you set as requirements for a node?

How many nodes do you plan on running on the same server?

To be honest my first mining set up so don’t really know, be great to know how much power memory etc is needed for each node. Currently just using this as a way to learn how to set it up and incog prv ticks so many boxes for me that I want to contribute (and make a little scratch obviously) so I’ll listen and take aboard all the information I can gather from you all.