pNode fan noise increasing

Anyone notice the pNodes running louder these days? Seems like fans are on all the time now. Is that to be expected even though they don’t appear to be earning very often?

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I’ve noted that the fan in my pNode has spun up:

  • during an earning epoch (but not necessarily all earning epochs, even consecutive ones)
  • when syncing the blockchain/shard data ahead of an earning epoch
  • system image update
  • for no discernible reason at all

The first three have been the most common for me. But all have occurred.

Hi @binh, I think this is normal because the Node itself works all the time (both in the committee phase and in the waiting phase). Can you confirm or share your idea?

when syncing the blockchain/shard CPU will hit up 100%

My pNode doesn’t make a sound at all, but seems to be working fine. It just finished an earning cycle.

So, maybe I should be worried about fans not working? Or my hearing is failing :scream:

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