pNode Earnings Update


I have been running an incognito node for a month now and wanted to share my earnings report and experience with the community. I know that there was not a lot of information available regarding potential earnings for node operators and that was one of the main reasons I initially hesitated to purchase one. Hopefully this post can help people who might be on the fence about investing in one.

After unboxing my node and setting it up it took about 2 weeks to actually start earning any rewards. During this time I experienced a few infrequent moments where my node disconnected from my internet and I had to power cycle it to get it back up and running. I was worried that I might be having an issue with my node but then 2 weeks and a day after setting it up I got my first earnings of 8.0049 PRV. I was excited when I actually saw my earnings sitting there on my node account and quickly withdrew my earnings to my pStake balance. Only 3 days later I received my second deposit of 11.4878 PRV. I checked back daily for the next week or so but did not get any more PRV. I Thought I would end the month here, but just today I received my third deposit of 11.4659 PRV. Leaving me with a total monthly earnings for my first month of 30.9586 PRV.

My takeaways from this month are that the PRV rewards are not mined on a fixed schedule. I know the community is starting to ramp up and the amount of miners is growing. This is great news for network stability but it makes mining a bit more inconsistent. Overall I am very happy with my monthly earnings. I estimate the miner has cost a total of $2 in electricity (Seriously. I didn’t notice any effect on my energy bill). I suspect that the lack of earnings the first two weeks was more due to syncing the node with the blockchain, or something else technical that I don’t understand because everyone I have talked to has also received their first deposits after 2 weeks of setting up their miners. I can’t wait to see what month 2 brings me and I will definitely update this thread to keep the community informed.

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That’s pretty cool :+1:
A little bit of manual work, but withdraw the earning from the Node, then deposit to the Node pool is what I did, too.


You are correct. All nodes, pnode or vnode, are randomly selected to process transactions. When yours helps process those transactions you get block rewards in terms of PRV and transaction fees in other crypto that your node helps facilitate. I have earned 3 days in a row, then I earned nothing for a month. Over a year, though, you’ll see what your average is and you will ALWAYS be able to cover electrical costs and have solid income to put into staking rewards or liquidity. I like those two options because they reward you consistently which helps in the earning interims from my pnode.


Thanks for posting your results. It is very satisfying when you see a return on our investments!

Cheers :+1:


Thank you for posting this I was considering getting a node myself but wanted to see a bit more info before throwing down some money. Good to see the rewards are substantial enough to warrant the price (not that I was concerned about the validity of the project, just the ability of the node)




Thanks for sharing! How is it going the 2nd month?

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The second month earned about the same. I got just under 30PRV. This month was weird though because twice in a row I got 11 PRV instead of the normal 7ish that I’d gotten pretty consistently the month before.


After PRV price increase, the more node operate on the chain, my earning is not profitable like 1 year a go, so sad, but happy to see our community growing up


@Nasari I think PRV price increase’s better for all of us, and the change of APY’s needed to subtainable our community

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