pNode doesn't work

a friend of mine and me bought a stand alone full node.
I got mine to work but he never got his to work.
So he gave me his node, to test it in my location.
But it diesn`t connect. What possibilities do I have to get it running?
Best regards

Message @ support directly and let them know what you tried to get it to work and any issues you believe to be the reason.

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I tried, but his was the answer:

Good morning,

From now on, the Incognito team will only be active on the forum.

We rarely check this email, so we may miss your messages here.

Therefore, if you need urgent support please use the forum and we will try to help asap.

Here’s how: Instructions to contact Support

Thank you for your understanding!


thank you Jared, I will try a direct message in the forum.

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Yes, sorry I wasn’t very clear. I was referring to a direct (private message) specifically to @ support. They will be able to assist you there the fastest and directly.

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I think you mean pNode.