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Hi all, I am still new to the community although I have had my pNode for almost a year now! I recently looked at my home internet data use and on a usual month I would use around 600GB but recently the pNode has been using a lot of data. Month to date for December is almost reaching 7,000GB. Is this normal? My ISP is going to start capping my internet use to 1,000GB starting in February and if this continues then I will have to unplug my pNode. Any insight would be helpful, Thanks!


I’m curious and concerned about that too. My household uses A LOT of data, and me with my 8 pNodes plugged in…

That seems like a lot. Is that data showing just for the node? I just checked mine over the last 30 days it used 32 GB for download and 8 for upload. There were a few days where the usage spiked but overall it’s pretty stable. And yes I had it plugged in the whole month and connected via WiFi.

I will check my usage tomorrow, never did that.
Do you know if there are random spikes or, if present, do they related to being selected/earning?

Screenshot 2020-12-28 at 8.22.13 PM

See photo of data use. It has steadily increased over the last few months. a couple weeks ago I checked every day to see that it was going up a couple hundred GB daily then I unplugged the pNode for a few days and my GB only went up a few, less than a dozen GB. Im not really sure how this thing uses so much data?!

Hey @trevor3309, it shouldn’t use too much data like that. Please provide your Node QR code in a private message so we can check further.

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