pnode add option

I have just received a 2nd pnode, but I am getting a popup in wallet, saying that the add option is not available!
Any ideas as to when/if this will be available again?

Does anyone know where the desktop pnode add app is? It use to be on github but I cannot find it.


Hi, @Andogen…my best advice is to reach out to @Peter or @Support and request their assistance…I also ran into the same issue and they were able to help me with getting me to add the pNode added to my wallet…best of luck… :sunglasses:

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Hi @Andogen, I don’t have any problem adding a new pNode on my side. Can you send @Support a screenshot of the popup!


Hi, Thanks for the reply.
I have already contacted Peter.


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Good idea Rocky.
If I can catch it.


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But Peter is no longer a member of the support team. If you still having problems adding your pNode, please contact Support.


It was mentioned some time ago, the manual way of setting up a pNode was no longer available. Use of it would cause a conflict.

At what point do you get the message about add Node is not available?

Hi Jamie,
1/On opening the POWER option the only button available is, GET A NODE DEVICE. clicking this brings up a black popup; app features down for maintenance and will resume soon, (abridged version) There is no other option.

2/The only way I can raise the ADD NODE BUTTON is to delete the wallet app, which has an old operating pnode linked to it, and start with a new install, which gets me nowhere after trying all the suggestions to connect a pnode, wifi, distance, location data, power down node etc! It adds an account ID of the new pnode but even days later will not bring up the node! This was why I asked for the desktop app!

Note, point 1 is response to your question! Point 2 was the original problem that raised the question!

Manual way, does that refer to the desktop app software? Which I found easier to use than these bloody phones!


There was never a desktop app developed by the Incognito core team, are you referring to an app built by a community member?

The manual setup involved using a url with parameters.

The pNode add feature should not have been removed that quickly. A workaround could be to install an older version of the APK file. However, I have no idea how that works, no idea of any risks either. I hope support can fix things for you.

Hi, @Andogen…I had similar issue and followed this link that was a posting written up by @Peter…follow the instructions and that should resolve your issue… [Android OS] "Could not setup Wi-Fi and connect to Node" …let us know thanks… :sunglasses:


The software I am referring to was on you githube site and was a program run on windows where by a pnode could be connected to a wallet app if the wifi option failed! At least Peter new about it as he congratulated me on being able to get it running.


Thanks for that info.
I have not been able to get that far: [quote=“annie, post:1, topic:193”]
Make sure you see the Node in your network list and click “ Next ”
No matter how many times I try it, the pnode will not appear in my node list!


Lost screenshots as wallet app kept freezing requiring a full reset and install!
Forgot to download shots.



Tap on the Power tab


Tap on the + icon to add a new Node


Tap on Node Device to add a pNode


Follow the instructions. Plug in your pNode, see the blue light, then tap Done.


Follow the instructions. Tap on the scanner icon to open your phone’s camera app, allowing the Incogntio app to scan the QR sticker on the bottom of your pNode.

From here, you are on your own. Follow the on-screen instructions on the following setup pages. You should be done in a matter of a few minutes.

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I am not part of the team, not familiar with all that goes on on the project’s github repo. All I know is the wifi setup and the (no longer working) ethernet setup. Would love to learn about a third way to do this.

@Mike_Wagner provided some screenshots which I hope will solve your problem.

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Hi Mike,
Thanks for putting that all up,But I have done this multiple times and never get past the next stage of SEEING pnode in list! It will not go past that!
It creates an pnode account in my list but after days there is no connection to the node!
I am still waiting for a reply from support.


When the manual says “find the node in your list” it refers to the available wifi networks in your phones settings. Is the node visible there? Probably as TheMiner-xxx

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Hi Jamie,
Yes it does come up in wifi list with the correct node serial no!

But after that, nothing, even 24+ hours later!

Suggestions welcome.


Hi @Andogen…I reached out to someone at the dev team that helped me recently with a similar situation with a pnode I was trying to add to my wallet…let me inquire with them and see if they reached out to you yet…they did say they were going to reach out to you but perhaps have not had the chance yet…give me a day or two to find out… :sunglasses:

Do you have it connected to your router directly with an Ethernet cable? Just for testing. Is the share location option enabled? Are all other connections (mobile network) disabled?