Please reinstate sending of USDT via BSC Network

The ability to withdraw our USDT via BSC Network seems to have disappeared.

Given that a lot of us are withdrawing out coins, can the Dev’s please reinstate the BSC Network withdrawal to help us reduce fees?

Much Appreciated :pray:

Hi @Linnovations

The option unshield USDT via BSC Network will available on Wallet App depend on unshield amount. You can check how much USDT available on Incognito Bridge BSC contract

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Hi @khanhj, I’m not quite sure I follow. I have unified USDT and I want to send it to a Wallet via BSC Network. The option on the “Send” screen under “Choose network type” there is no longer the option to select “BSC” network. The only options are “Incognito” and “Ethereum”.

Please explain if there’s some other work-around that will allow me to convert my unified USDT into “USDT (BSC Network)” and then be able to send via BSC Network.

In the unified pool of USDT coins that incognito has there is a finite amount that are held in BSC. Any request above that amount won’t be possible.

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FWIW I was trying to withdraw USDC on another chain and that chain option would not show up until I lowered the amount. It wasn’t until I tried like 20 attempts I got a ball park figure for the max. Then the withdrawal worked, (and the max wasn’t a high figure btw). To withdraw the rest I had to do the rest on another chain.

So yes, it seems although YOU might hold unified USDC / T… you can only draw a max on what they have in their liquidity pools for that chain.