Please rate the app: a quick July survey

Now that we’re heading into August, we want to get a general sense of how the app did in July, what you guys think of recent updates, and how we can improve. You’ll be anonymous, and only the development team will be able to view your responses.

Please leave your feedback on products you have used. If they don’t apply to you, feel free to skip.

1. Provide

This new feature allows you to earn interest on not just PRV, but also BTC, XMR, DAI, and more. It replaces the dual-sided rewards program, protects users from impermanent loss, and channels funds towards pDEX liquidity.

  • Love it, zero issues
  • Pretty good, some minor issues
  • Acceptable, needs considerable improvement
  • Below par, needs major overhaul
  • Awful, start from scratch

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2. New pNode setup

The most recent batch of Node devices benefit from an improved setup process. If you received your Node in July, how was your setup experience? Skip this if it doesn’t apply.

  • Smooth, zero issues
  • Mostly smooth, figured it out myself
  • Needed help, but quickly resolved
  • Got stuck, needed support
  • Unable to set up, could not find a resolution

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3. Interface

For this section, please consider ease of use and intuitiveness. For performance related comments (speed, errors, bugs etc., please refer to the next question).

  • Intuitive, had no problems
  • Mostly fine, had to learn some behaviors
  • Average, ran into many difficulties
  • Hard to use, had zero idea where to start
  • Absolutely impossible, needs complete overhaul

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4. Performance

Please consider here elements such as speed, responsiveness, prevalence of bugs.

  • Perfect, no issues
  • Minor bugs and annoyances, but generally fine
  • Usable, but very slow and glitchy
  • Majorly disruptive bugs and poor performance
  • Completely unusable

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If you would like to give additional feedback (please do!), please leave a note in the comments, or send me a DM.

All app development is informed by user feedback, but we’d be the first to acknowledge that communication isn’t always great. Going forward, we’ll be implementing a bulletin board in the app itself that introduces new features, and gives you a heads up on what’s coming next. We’ll also be publishing polls like this one, so you guys can have a say in changes, and have an insight into rationales.

Thank you for using the app, for your encouragement, and for being such an active part of its development. We consider ourselves very lucky.


I would love to have the option to generate shield addresses that last longer than one hour, to pay less transction fees when moving from my BTC wallet to here.


This feedback is very important, but if you have a moment take that 5 STAR review and comments to the play store and app store and leave one there.

Lets help get Incognito app to the top of the app search and ratings.

This increases its outreach and gets more eyes on the project creating more investors and liquidity as well as transactions.

It just takes a moment while your watching tv or sitting on the throne in the ol’ bathroom. And it makes a difference for the community.

Thank you.


In community posts, I click on language that appears to be a link because it is colored. However, these apparent links often revert me to the community homepage.

Hm. May be a redirection issue because of the recent site migration. Could you please send me examples/screenshots so we can look into it? Thanks!

This is something we are actively looking into, thanks! In the meantime, if a BTC address expires, you can just click retry at any time and it will process.

image image image image
When I click on Network Explorer (or any other project) I am returned to the home screen depicted in the fourth photo.


Seems to be an issue with external links. Thanks for flagging it, we’re looking into it now.


Probably good to have some way to check node status.

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Yup for sure - we’ll be releasing an update to the node view within the next month, which will have simple statuses and hopefully better management!


Lately it has not been totaling up all my assets so I might be missing 500 PRV here or there in the tally. It’s Seems to be fixed if I go into the asset and force it to update but I’m sure it can cause novices to panic. This behavior wasn’t always so.
Also I had bought and sold amplefourth and now I want to remove it from my list but I cannot find amplefourth in the coins list to remove it from my list if that makes sense?

Also it crashed when I brought up provide pair the other day, I’ll see if I can replicate the bug might be fixed by now.
I love the app but it will need to be less glitchy and faster updating if we want to avoid bad reviews on the play store. Of course it will get five stars from me

hey - the fullnode has been acting up, things are back to normal now but some displays were still playing catch up till quite recently. sorry! it should be fine now, please let me know if you are still encountering issues.

about removing a coin from your list - just swipe left on its name in the main asset screen and tap remove.

thanks for the kind words and constructive feedback, we’ll be doubling down on performance this quarter!

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Wow, I cant believe I missed trying to swipe! thank you, everything seems to be doing better now

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