Random question: will Pkyber, pCompound, etc… be integrated into the existing incognito app?? Or will it be a another separate app to be downloaded???

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same app


Thanks but I’m kinda confused a little by this. We have pkyber and pUniswap right?? And pKyber will be merged with pDex to become pDex 2.0, so what about pUniswap? Will it be another pApp on side inside of incognito app??

I keep seeing this pKyber thing pop up.
Can you please explain in dumb person terms the “who, what, when, where, and why” of pKyber and something called Uniswap and their effects on the incognito app/trading?

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good question @Jerry_Watson! the main effect on the incognito dex is that incognito dex will have more a lot more liquidity.

incognito dex currently has about $2.6M in liquidity (thanks @inccry for the beautiful chart!). uniswap has about $41M in liquidity.

once this is live, incognito users can buy & sell with this additional pool privately. we plan to aggregate a lot of pools into incognito dex!

So in order to trade on Pdex we will have to shield our asset first??

And also will there be a possibility for someone to choose whether he wants to make his trade history public or private?? Because if I shield my 100eth to 100peth and then trade this 100peth to 20000pdai where the trade history is visible, so basically evebody can know that I traded eth to dai. But if there was a way to hide that trade history, it will be good

yes that’s the point of going incognito

we have explained in depth in multiple posts, but if it’s still not clear to you… i would suggest for you to do a very tiny trade, so that you can go through the full flow.

i think it would be helpful just to spend… maybe 0.1 PRV… on a small trade just to find out (and verify for yourself too) what information on the incognito ledger is visible to the public and what is not.

@duy I understand that the addresses on the trade are kept private, but I’m talking about the amount and the specific pAsset being traded. Or will this come along when confidential asset feature is implemented??

Because right and can clearly see what is being traded for what and what amount

hi @ELDAD, you’re right on that in the current v1 incognito dex design trade amount & trade asset type are public but the traders are anonymous. we think this is good enough for an MVP to see if there is product-market fit for a privacy-protecting DEX.

our playbook is very pragmatic as we share it multiple times with the community. i don’t think it’s a wise idea to build the perfect privacy from day one, rather we opt to build progressive privacy.

the core team is actively working on adding more privacy features. see the current proposals that will ship into production soon: one-time address and confidential assets.

Do these partnerships make the liquidity added to pDex by Incognito users less important, or does this not help with liquidity in the same way?

Awesome :+1:

@Patrick_Cooper i don’t think providing liquidity for incognito dex is a zero-sum game.