pKyber tx fees

How is the trading fee calculated? I’ve noticed it is always 3 PRV per trade. This could get very expensive as the price of PRV keeps rising. Could this be fixed by pegging the fee to a % of fiat value traded instead of a flat PRV rate?

Also, it would be really nice to have the option to pay for trades or sends in the currency you’re sending/trading and or be able to pay for said fee with funds from any of my other wallets.

Trades don’t have transaction fees, just a network fee of 0.0000004 PRV
Did you mean something else, or am I looking at the wrong screen?

Yeah they do.

this is the cost of trading on kyber, and is already heavily subsidized unfortunately. kyber is quite expensive at the moment - often > $10 per trade. % is another way to go though, maybe in the future.

trading using incognito pools incurs only the network fee as jamie mentioned. the new cross-pool feature coming up (so you can trade USDT -> ETH directly, with PRV as an invisible intermediary for example), should offer a decent alternative.

you can see which dex you are trading on, at the bottom of your screen (in green for kyber, in grey for incognito).


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