Physical Node Security/Privacy

How can a physical node operator verify that the node in their home is not malicious hardware? As in, not infiltrating the home internet connection, tracking information, etc.

I did some searching for previous posts about this, but couldn’t find anything. Not trying to FUD, just want to be assured of my security if I get a node.

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I think if you believe in this project, you shouldn’t ask stupid question like this, Incognito team never do any malicious software harmful to you

So trust, don’t verify? Got it.

This was all I could find. pNode specifications?

Some other mentions of open sourcing the hardware specs back in March but not sure if this followed through. Open-source hardware

Let me ask you this…and how do you know what you just stated…kind of arrogant to respond to a valid question by sjo114…I believe in Incognito but it was way wrong the way you went about responding to the question that was posed by sjo114… :sunglasses:


Hi @sjo114, unfortunately the software code of the pNode is not open source. What you could do is maybe track the data sent by the node. Or the easiest would be to set up your own vNode or built yourself a pNode. Doing so you would be able to assess the code you run.

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@duy any progress on this?

@binh Is there more information on this? Any official docs? Thanks