Quick question… I have some phoneum which in my external wallet says it’s a TRC10 token. On here, I see there’s a verified ‘Phoneum’ token, however on here it says it’s ERC20.

These obviously aren’t the same Phoneum token… Correct? How does one go from TRC10 to ERC20? If possible?

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According to this post, Phoneum is migrating from ERC-20 tokens to TRC-10 tokens. If you have TRC-10 tokens, then you are good to go – as far as Phoneum is concerned.

TRC-10 are tokens on the TRON network. The TRON network is not yet supported by Incognito.

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As more projects flee Ethereum and Ethereum’s new normal high gas fees, TRON support will become more important. Solidity programming can be moved to TRON with few changes, making onboarding less cumbersome vs migrating to a non-Solidity compatible blockchain (Algorand, EOS, Cardano, etc).