Pending PRV Rewards Withdrawal

Hello, been over 30 hours since i initiated a rewards withdrawal, still pending until now, contacted support, i saw 2 people read the message but no one replied. Again, i am not trying to pull my “Provide”, only the reward (PRV).

I withdraw some PRV from provide (rewards only)and it took around 36 hours , it was 2 days ago!

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Please take a closer look ive answered the support message a few hours ago.

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Thanks for replying. I replied back now. Its still pending

Pls be patient. The withdrawal requests are being auto processed one by one. If you see it takes longer to finish, it means we’re having many pending requests in queue now. You should get rewards in your wallet soon.

Should i be seeing a pending transaction in my wallet? I pulled provide about 15 hrs ago, but don’t see a pending transaction in my wallet, only a minus of the amount withdrawn on the provide tab.

Yep, when you initiate a withdrawal from Provide, you will see the minus of the amount withdrawn on the screen. Once the withdrawal completes, that minus will disappear.

Btw, how is your rewards withdrawal? did it go through yet?


It did go through, thank you!