(Pending) Incompatibility sending from Tornado to Incognito

It seems there is an issue when receiving from Tornado, it never appears on Incognito!

A friend send me 1BNB on my shielding Binance Bsc address using Tornado. The 1BNB arrived, fees deducted (0.99755BNB now) and could be seen on my wallet’s address on BSscan as a balance.

Problem is that never entered my incognito wallet. BSscan shows this transaction on its own on Internal Txns.

I’ve contacted support, sent exact details, no reply.
So, be careful you will lose your money!


Please do not spread FUD on the forum. I have already replied to your PM to support. As it is the weekend, dev support is rather slim.

Given that your screenshot does not show a shielding attempt that would be the issue. Let’s wait until the devs can reply before jumping to conclusions.


As a note, using Tornado, you used the “smart contract” deposit. Many CEXes (there is a discussion on the forum) do not support such types of deposits. Even worse, they do not take any responsibility. Some do not refund your assets or request a fee (usually very high) to recover your assets. This is the situation although CEXes have private keys of those wallets. In Incognito, BSC bridge is trustless. I hope the team has a workaround for such situations. Let’s wait for their reply.

4+ days, still waiting for any dev to look at my support ticket…

If I have an update I’ll let you know, until then I would strongly suggest to not send any funds through tornado.