Pdexv3 RPC Call Paramerters not defined in the Documentation

Hello @Support @daniel @trungtin2qn1
I understand that the team is really busy with alot of important work
I just need some assistance and help to address few queries that i have been posting on the forum for quite sometime now.
I need clarity on what parameters we are using in the below-mentioned pdexv3 RPC calls which I found on the following documentation
List of Pdex v3 RPC calls-https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/14057699/Tzm8EvGf#7f62f870-b96d-4079-961c-eea64c160688

Can anyone help me name/define the paramerters we are using for the following pdexv3 RPC calls as they are not mentioned in the documentation

  • pdexv3_getTradeStatus
  • pdexv3_getAddOrderStatus
  • pdexv3_getWithdrawOrderStatus
  • pdexv3_getStakingStatus
  • pdexv3_getUnstakingStatus
  • pdexv3_getContributionStatus
  • pdexv3_getWithdrawLiquidityStatus

@sid @Gaurav_Saini

Usually param such as this is the tx hash fa6cad6b297fe1bc45aa1bf5b080adcc1a36f03cb9c23875c85eeef2a8018526
for all rpc get status. Param will be tx hash which makes this action

P/s: Don’t hesitate to ask these questions, we will try to help you as much as possible


thank you so much