pDEX wait times explained

Temporary tradeoff, and the solution

Some of you may remember that the old pDEX required users to deposit into a dedicated pDEX account. The new pDEX automatically brings the user through all the required steps: Deposit -> Trade -> Withdraw, so users can trade from any account. Temporarily, the tradeoff for convenience is a longer wait time, but we will improve this by using the same shard wallet as temp wallet. We estimate that waiting time will be reduced by 5 minutes in the near future.

What do shards have to do with it?

The reason why there is a currently a small delay for balances to update is due to the structure of our blockchain. Our blockchain is a shard blockchain. It has 8 shards. One account will belong to a shard. If two accounts A and B in same shard, their balance will be updated right away after transaction is confirmed. But if they are in different shards, they will need to wait for 1-3 minutes to receive updates. Longer waiting times happen when the temp wallet is in a different shard.

In conclusion, by using the same shard wallet as temp wallet, waiting times will be reduced. Thanks for being patient with us while we continually optimize all layers of our privacy stack.