Pdex v3: Parameters of Trade RPC calls/methods?

List of pdexv3 RPC calls - https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/14057699/Tzm8EvGf#7f62f870-b96d-4079-961c-eea64c160688

Can anyone help me identify the parameters used for pdex v3 trade RPC calls?
What are the paramertes we use for the following methods ?
pdexv3_getTradeStatus, pdexv3_getAddOrderStatus, pdexv3_getWithdrawOrderStatus, pdexv3_txAddOrder, pdexv3_txWithdrawOrder", pdexv3_txTrade.

Also, do we have a test environment where I can test/post these RPC calls? For Example- https://testnet.incognito.org/fullnode @sid @Gaurav_Saini