Pdex slippage issue *feature request*

I hope it’s added because it was exposed in another post that there is a bot that front-runs every PDEX trade. I experience this too…I ALWAYS get the minimum amount for my PDEX trades. That’s a big reason why I don’t use it more.


I’m not sure if the bot by design aimed to do that, but from the language the team has used to discuss that the arb bot is a good thing / necessary on an exchange to maintain fair prices, it seems maybe it is run by the core team. Regardless, it seems positive they want to fast track the ability to prevent loss of user funds since I posted this.

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This feature should add a value or slider to set the transaction cost in the app

not gonna chime in on the arb bot - bc anyone can run one (not just core team), and i personally have no idea who is (probably more than a few people).

here’s an update regarding the app tho -

  1. we’ll be adding a field for users to adjust fees paid cc @Fatfaa @Matt6412
  2. a field to adjust slippage % cc @Fatfaa @Matt6412
  3. fees on the first screen (so you can check trade deets even if you don’t have the sufficient balance) cc @marko
  4. ability to input the bottom number (and get minimum sold) cc @JoyRaptor
  5. size impact % (variance in prices due to low liquidity) cc @MrAwesome @fatfaa

note that 5 and 2 are different - 2 allows you to adjust slippage tolerance (difference between price at time of request vs execution - right now it’s fixed at 1% in the app). 5 is more of a display aid - letting you know if you are getting a reasonable price, especially for low liquidity pools.

re timelines, we’ll still be working towards a november release, but this is now a much bigger (better!) update than we had originally planned (just 3 and 5). will keep you guys in the loop.

thanks everyone for the great feedback.


Wow!!! I’m so excited @ning :partying_face: :grin:
Thanks to you for gathering and organizing our thoughts and thanks to the overall team for implementing it!!


Wow, this is great! Yeah who knows who runs the arb bot hah all that matters is that you are implementing everything we asked for at warp speed! I look forward to this update!

Is the ability to set the miner fee higher in this update? Just like the how uniswap uses eth gas levels to determine who gets priority in the mempool?

with the new release, there will be 2 types of fees - basic network fee + trading fee (currently there’s just network fee). the trading fee will be implemented as an option to give priority for trade orders. so users can still choose to pay zero trading fees (network fee only), or est. 100 nano PRV or more (to get priority).

incognito currently differs from ethereum somewhat in this regard, because the network does not yet prioritize transactions within the same block by network fee. this will probably change in the future when transaction numbers pick up. so for now, trading fees will fulfill this use case.

for the reasons above, network fees and trading fees will probably be combined in one optionally customizable field, ‘fees’ (the minimum being the network fee). there’s no practical application for differentiating them at the moment. hope that helps!


This is great! Thank you for this update

That’s a great priority design. You guys being able to do that quickly, to your control of the entire blockchain stack shows, how valuable it is from starting from square one. One of the reasons why I’m consistently interested in what you devs will do in the future.