pDEX Price vs Incscan Price

I’m curious why, when you go to trade in the pDEX, the price shows differently there vs. Inscan.

The answer, I thought, was to account for possible slippage. But Inscan showed .88, the pDEX showed about .87, and then after I traded I only received the equivalent of .87 for a ~600PRV trade, even though it still showed as .88 on Inscan (https://incscan.io/pdex/markets)

A 600PRV trade wouldn’t cause slippage of a whole cent and there were no other real significant trades going on in that time period.



Hi @inccry @andrey, I need your attention here.

Hi @Mike_Despo,

if this transaction is your trade request, we can see in the trade response that you got 582.197551 USDT. The amount you see in the trade request is the min acceptable amount, it includes the 1% slippage.

582.197551 / 661.03638 = 0.880734508 PRV per USDT.


Oh I see… So I think that was part of the confusion… The transaction amount still shows $576, which is different than the actual trade amount, once it goes through ($582).
(But, I don’t see the actual amount on the trade response page though…?) The wallet in the pDEX also doesn’t show amount received, so it seems hard to impossible to know what amount you’ve actually received from the trade, not just the min acceptable amount.

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The actual amount is “hidden” in the Privacy Token Data part:

Capture d’écran 2020-05-28 à 07.53.19

I have this task in my todo list:

Update all trade bought amounts by using info available in the trade response.

So in the next days, Incscan will show:

  • the real traded amount in the trade response transaction page.
  • the real traded amount in the trades list.

About why the wallet doesn’t show amount received, I think that’s because the amount is available in the trade response transaction, so not easy to get from the blockchain without an api that can give you the info.


Oh wow interesting, ok thank you! And thanks for all the work you’re doing on the website we all appreciate it!

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Hi @Peter,

Done! Am I good in customer support? :sweat_smile:


You are the best :rocket: