PDEX pairs

If I own one crypto in Pdex I would need to own an equivalent amount in a pair to receive the rewards? just wanting to clarify


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Hey @mjarose,
If you mean to receive liquidity providers reward, then answer is yes. Need to add the same equivalent for both token in a pair.


thank you, say I provide 1 ETH how much PRV would I need to provide? I appreciate it. Thank you I am glad to be here. I am a node owner and looking to add more (Sale Please!!!)

If you go into the invest section it will tell you what you can expect to earn, once you’ve passed that screen then you select the token you want to pair with PRV and then how much of either token you have.
If you have 1000PRV it will tell you how much ETH you need to pair it with.
If you have 1ETH it will tell you how much PRV you will need. It fluctuates with the values of all the tokens.


Thank you!

Would that be the invest section on the app?

Yes, you can access it from the invest section and deposit several amount that you want to move to pDEX. And Add Liquidity to make it more liquid for the pair itself. Also you get Interest by giving a liquidity to pDEX pairs :slight_smile:

You can refer this information from here : Supply liquidity for Incognito DEX. Provide privacy for the world.

edit : try your own research about this