pDex Investing questions

I have a few lingering questions about how interest from investing into pDex works.

1.) We make around 62% APY on all PRV staked, but nothing from the paired coin?

If I were to invest 1000 PRV into the USDC pair, do I only get interest on the ~500 PRV that is invested? It seems that this essentially halves the rate of return (or more with other pairs), and that the 55,000 PRV pool is meant to counteract that.

2.) How does the separate 55,000 PRV distribution work? What day of the month is this distributed? Does my pair have to be invested for the entire month to receive this reward?

I feel the investing feature could use a lot more clarity and transparency. It used to be rather simple with the 62% on PRV and the 5% - 8% on various specific coins. I’ve no idea how the 55,000 PRV is distributed and how long you have to invest to get a part of it, as it appears that investing a pair for less than a whole month eliminates the opportunity for the funded reward. Any insights would be appreciated.

I do know it is not 67% but rather a dynamic 37%. It can change based on liquidity.

PRV compounds daily.

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Hey @Zherkezhi as I understood you refer to LP v1 & LP v2 programs. Both of them were designed to incentivize liquidity providers to power Incognito pDEX.

As you can see the versions of the programs keep improving and become more user friendly and more economically sustainable.

:exclamation: Important to highlight is that they do not work in parallel, new program replace the previous one.

LP v1 -> LP v2 -> Pool. Since July 13 the Pool will be the main gateway for liquidity providers. If you consider contributing to the pDEX liquidity use this program -> Pool