pDEX in a nutshell

Why use pDEX for Private Cryptocurrency Trading:

  1. Completely anonymous trading – no KYC, no records of buyers, sellers or transaction amounts.
  2. Instant matches – automated market-making mechanism
  3. No third party risk – you control your money and hold your own private keys.
  4. Decentralized and scalable – built entirely on chain.
  5. Cross-chain liquidity – trade whichever pair you like.
  6. Anonymous, of course – trade with 100% confidentiality.
  7. Permissionless – list whatever pair you like
  8. Earn trading fees – be a liquidity provider of any pair you like

Ready to give it a go?

Download for Android

Download for iOS

More info:

Learn how it works and how to use it

Check out the tech

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Graphs… Price history… I know it’s a dex but man…

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Hey - i think we have the API for this, but it needs visualization. @grant can you confirm? i think he is issuing a grant (heh) to build one for the pdex as a whole.

Agree this is essential. Do you have a reference for something you think is effective?

cc @henry @andrey

We’re missing the API for current/historic price but it’s being built now. Hope to release this week.

I’m talking with some third parties about building visualization tool - happy to support anyone interested in doing so!