pDEX Charts & Statistics

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I’ve made a site for my own use to watch pDEX prices evolution. As it works pretty well, I think I can share it to the community :wink:

The site is available here: https://pdex.incognito.best/



Thanks for creating this. The chart works great. I like the minimalistic design. Clean and sharp.

this is amazing! have you considered making a proposal and getting funded to further build this out?

cc @andrey @henry @ning


I just discovered this proposal thing. Very interesting, I’ll try to make one next week.

Do every funded project have to be open source?

yes :slight_smile:

Agree, it’s awesome beginning. You definitely should developing it more.
And once incognito we wallet is live, can be integrated to your interface as well.

Thanks Andrey!

Added a selector for interval, you can now watch charts with 1 hour, 6 hours and 1 day candles.

Found this topic pDEX Visualization Tool about pdex visualization tool like https://defipulse.com/uniswap, I think that’s something I could build easily from what I have right now.

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Yep it would be awesome, if you up to to take ownership of this initiative, I’ll fix it under you, so you can freely proceed.

Also, feel free to submit a proposal if you need any development, team help or funding.
We are open to support such initiatives.

I am confident that one day it could attract even more traffic than etherscan :slight_smile:

Just added few charts, 2 per pair: total tokens available for a pair.

the definitive url for this service should be: https://pdex.incognito.best/

Next step: Charts with total tokens available in the pDEX.


New page available: https://pdex.incognito.best/tokens

This page shows total amount available in pDEX, per token.

Next step: show total amount % evolution on 1/7/30 days.

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I’ve been building something similar at incognito.mesquka.com. There’s a funding proposal at incognito.org/t/400 and the code is open source at github.com/mesquka/incognito-tool. Feel free to reuse anything you want from there (MIT License).

Thanks @mesquka!

I think I’ll make a different funding proposal than yours, price charts were the first thing I wanted to implement but I’ll focus on pDEX activity like trading activity, how many trading transactions on each pair, total value in $ available in pDEX, etc.

New feature available:

New page added: Trading activity

Available here: https://pdex.incognito.best/activity

It shows trades count and estimated volume traded per day per pair.

That was the final part of my POC :grinning:. It allowed me to build an overview of what is possible and impossible to track on incognito chain.

Next step: to publish a fundable project about a tracker of all the incognito chain activity. (thanks @andrey for the idea)


Oh, my prices calculation will be used by the next version of the incognito wallet :scream_cat:


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Small change on the trading activity page:

  • you can now see the last 100 trades


I’m not sure it’s useful to anyone but me. :wink: