pDEX blackboard Video: How it works

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How the Incognito pDEX works


In your first video, you talk about the smart contract. Is it one smart contract that is used for all transactions?

Hey Jamie,
What kind of transactions do you mean ?

  • cross chain
  • onchain
  • pDEX trades
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Cross chain is what I was wondering about.
Is a new contract created, or do multiple transactions take place within the same contract?

hi @Jamie, for now, all transactions (to move ether/erc20 back and forth between ethereum and incognito) are being processed through the eth-bridge that is only using one smart contract. Once you get pcoins (say peth, pusdt, …), you can make transactions or trades right on Incognito chain and don’t need to care about the contract anymore.
For further information, please take a look at the post: Incognito mode for Ethereum


This video is very helpful in clarifying the pDEX, thank you!

For the liquidity providers, why do they get the fees only when they remove liquidity? It seems like paying out the fees on a fixed schedule would incentivize people add liquidity as well as leaving it there.