PayNym bitcoin adress shield integration

We’re facing at a anonimity issue on Bitcoin shielding, because there are a static adress, for the shield and adress reuse is very dangerous.
Optionally having a PayNym adress for shielding bitcoins can be a very useful to keep shielding really private.
If a bitcoiner who want to keep his deposit private, he can use the samouraï whirlpool for mixing his coins before making the deposit with the PayNym.


100% agreed. We need better privacy moving bitcoin into Incognito. The current shielding method of using the same static address per user account is sub-optimal.


are people ingore this important post ? look on the reputations of wallets, this is because everybody can trace and tainct a coin, but with PayNym, we have a intgrated coinjoin

Do you mean to avoid my deposit being shown in iscan I have to deposit via paynym (samouraï wallet) ?

yess it’s what i meant