PAX GOLD And Thether gold

Dear Incognito Community,

It’s more than six month now that I am waiting for Pax gold or TETHER Gold listing.
These coins have reached a quite good volume on binance and bitfinex, and I think more and more in the future they will be much in demand.
We have almost dead token like QASH :face_vomiting:
So why don’t support these highly valuable token into our very needful wallet?
Please consider it

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These are ERC20 tokens, have you tried using the “Add manually”-option and entering the contact address (For PAXG that would be “0x45804880de22913dafe09f4980848ece6ecbaf78“)

Edit: like this: bilde


Add them yourself, liquidity needs to be provided though…


Hi @Lapoelkhan, I see that PAXG is available on Uniswap, so you can simply add that token (like Pseudonym and Matt6412 suggested above) and trade it within the Incognito app using pUniswap easily.

For XAUT, it is not available on both Uniswap and Kyber. Why aren’t you the first person who provides liquidity for that pair (i.e: XAUT/ PRV) on Incognito :slightly_smiling_face:? I am pretty sure with its high demand in the future, you will get paid well eventually.

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Hey @Lapoelkhan both tokens, you suggested, based on ERC20 standard that means they can be easily moved to Incognito.

If you hold any of those tokens I suggest you to add initial liquidity and kickstart trading for both. You do not need any permission for this step.

Once trading is kickstarted and community will demand more liquidity, we will be able to add it into Provide.


I’m trying to add the PAXG token to my wallet using the method that Pseudonym mentioned. Despite I get the message that the coin has been added, it does not appear anywhere. Anybody help?

Hi @Iksolon, there is confusion here. PAXG was added in the past, but we don’t support this type of asset so it is unable to add it again.

We will improve the message to make it clear.


Why do you not support this asset? It should not be a problem since it is an ERC20 token. Why are you going out of your way to remove it?


This is what I meant. Six month ago I was told that PAXG token was not supported. So do you confirm that I cannot use incognito tonshield this asset?

I have added Xaut Manually, but I am unable to shield the token in order to receive it from my external wallet. Could you help?

Hey @Lapoelkhan @Pseudonym, I think I got the point here. Some ERC20 tokens have modified smart-contracts. With such modification, it can’t go through the Ethereum <> Incognito bridge (for example, Kucoin Shares, Synthetix)

Probably @Peter & @phuong could give you more details about such modification.

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@phuong @Peter
Accordingly to what written above, Also Xaut isn’t available into incognito wallet and then in the DEX, right? It’s a pity, because I would like to provide liquidity for the pair XAUT/PRV

Hi @Pseudonym @Lapoelkhan, we currently mint what we receive from the smart contract at the rate of 1:1 (1 pETH : 1 ETH).
For those tokens (PAXG), the original owner takes the incentive for every single transaction. So, the amount we got doesn’t equal the amount we receive in the smart contract. The result is it can’t go through the Ethereum <> Incognito bridge as Andrey mentioned above.

To define the exact amount to mint, we need to modify our smart contract. And, we haven’t yet planned to do it at this moment.

@Lapoelkhan I see the XAUT under “unverified token”. Please check again.

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