[Outdated & Changed] Incognito's 2021 privacy roadmap for the world

Thanks for your response - I was not aware of that possibility. But that was not what I had in mind. I meant like a “physical” visa card - like Binance (https://www.binance.com/en/cards) or Crypto.com (https://crypto.com/en/cards.html) offers (not trying to advertise for them here - just curious about what can be expected in the future.


Oh I misunderstood, my bad :sweat_smile:.
But it is really a nice idea that hopefully can be implemented :face_with_monocle:.

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We haven’t planned for this year to create an Incognito debit card, but the easiest way to bring pUSDT, pBTC, pETH, PRV to a debit card integration is to partner with already existed solutions like Crypto. That something we can do without switching development focus.


I agree with you andrey. I would much rather your focus be on what’s on the roadmap…and sooner rather than later a parternship where we can be utilized for payments is all but certain…


Hi, I can’t find the web-browser-based pDEX in the roadmap, is it still in plans? Thanks.

Hey @Josef good catch. Web pDEX is already under developemt, just updated ETA in the road map, please check :wink:


Hey @andrey, is there any place I can find technical documents for the things inside Incognito? I looked around the White-paper but it seems to be an introductory document. Not sure how things really work inside Incognito.

hey @Semaj please check these docs and github. If you find that any important information is missing or not clear, let us know what exactly, we are more than happy to bring more clarity.

Thanks, @andrey.

Actually, not much help with the links. The SDK is for developers, and the GitHub is too big for me to look around. Do you have any Whitepaper-like document that explains the technical parts inside Incognito, like other blockchain. Not introductory like the one here but technical enough like this, and this, etc.

Hey, @Semaj did you have a chance to check those links beside the introductory page ?

  1. Shielding Cryptocurrencies: Turning Any Cryptocurrency Into a Privacy Coin ▸

  2. Trustless Custodians: A Decentralized Approach to Cryptocurrency Custodianship ▸

  3. Sending Cryptocurrencies Confidentially: Ring Signature, Homomorphic Commitment, and Zero-Knowledge Range Proofs ▸

  4. Privacy at Scale with Dynamic Sharding ▸

  5. Consensus: A Combination of iPoS, Multiview-PBFT, and BLS ▸

  6. Multiview PBFT ▸

  7. Incognito Software Stack: Navigating the Incognito Source Code ▸

  8. Incognito Performance ▸

  9. Network Incentive: Privacy (PRV) ▸

  10. User-Created Privacy Coins ▸

  11. Use Cases: Privacy Stablecoins, Privacy DEX, Confidential Crypto Payroll, and more ▸

  12. Highway: an Upgrade to Incognito Network Topology ▸

  13. Incognito Mode for dApps on Ethereum ▸

  14. Future Work: Smart Contracts, Confidential Assets, Confidential IP, and more ▸

  15. Conclusions, Acknowledgments, and References ▸


These are exactly what I meant by introductory. I am asking for something like this Monero document.

Ok, I think I got it. If we are talking about the academic type, I can share with you a paper of Privacy v2 release that coming this April.

_Documentation__Privacy_V2-2.pdf (906.3 KB)

We do work on an academic paper for Dynamic Committee Size, but unfortunately, we do not have a single paper where all those info is combined as you see in Monero’s example.

If you feel that we have to have an academic paper for every aspect of the network, would you mind helping us with prioritizing the most important aspects that have to be described first?


This is great! Thanks, @andrey.

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Are there plans to massively extend the docs?
https://docs.incognito.org/sdks/golang-sdk as a sample. Less content, obsolete interface docs, …

I mostly read the source code itself to get an idea of the interfaces. :ghost: Sure, developers can do this but maybe more developers would join this awesome project if the docs are completed and up-to-date.



Most of them are due to may, but still they are “Building”. Do they need to be updated or they are actually still in a building phase?

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Hey @J053, please have a look at the new/updated roadmap for Q3 at topic.


Would it be possible to update this OP?
It’s really helpful to be able to see everything in an organized post like this, with links to each product’s thread.

The Incognito initiatives in Q3 offers some good summaries, but is not nearly as comprehensive, and also doesn’t have a current status for any of the initiatives.

Having a table like this page up-to-date is extremely helpful to give newcomers a birds eye view of how the project has and is progressing. (This would seem even more so the case because this thread is the destination for the “Progress” header in the main navigation bar at the top of the site.)

I could try to compose an updated draft if that would help, but it would definitely need proofing, as I’m not familiar with all aspects of the project.

I’ve just marked this topic as outdated and gave a note at the top of topic to drive audiences to Q3 initiatives so that people can see the up-to-date development progress of the project, thanks for pointing it out.