Other common coins for provide? LINK?

I know we cannot keep up with every new fashion that comes out. But perhaps we could add a couple more assets to provide to lure in more users?

Chainlink comes to mind as it is the biggest oracle and has not implemented staking yet. (Or BAND/tellor if we wanted a smaller cap)

Polkadot, Cardano, and Cosmos might be other options. The “eth killers” :smile:

Also (and this is out their) but perhaps one of the gold-backed stablecoins? Hold goldbacked assets privatly! Unique yes?


Let me check with the team what is needed for a coin to be a suitable coin for staking.

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I have a decent amount of Chainlink I am currently staking in Celsius. I would love to transfer that to the Incognito staking pool if it becomes available.

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It seems the first question to answer is, is there a demand for anonymous trading of this coin (any coin you want to add) within the community of that coin?

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The more people we can attract to incognito for any reason the more likely they are to use the other aspects of the eco system.

My biggest coin holdings outside of what provide ‘provides’ are Link, polkadot, and band.

For chainlink: Celsius offers 8.88 apy, but requires KYC. I have several thousand dollars in link i would love to stake, and I have several friends that would too. I don’t have my link in incognito because I want to keep it tradable, but if I could earn interest i would be less willing to trade it. All my btc is in incognitos provide.

Polkadot: you can get 21% apy on validators with a month lockup period or 11% through kracken with less lockup. So this may not be viable, but it is hard to stake on those so we can grab the lazy holders

Band: Atomic wallet gives 17% apy with a 21 day lockup. I dont know if incognito wallet could do the same staking and lockup as atomic wallet via BAND mainnet, and then prv on top.
Say 21 day lockup 17% via band-Bridge earning BAND or 5% via incognito provide with no lockup time and get prv.

I have little ada and no Cosmos, but I put them out there because they are eco systems. Cardano dosnt have staking yet so there is opportunity to frontrun

Dogecoin and litecoin might attract people also. Dogecoin has meme magic, we could put various cute little masks on the shebe in Twitter posts. Lots of people trade these vs BTC so could gain us more traffic.

Binance coin i know little about but thats another option to consider

Chainlink I think is the best for provide as there’s not a lot of competition and LINK has been on fire as far as popularity.

Summery in order:

  1. Chainlink
  2. Polkadot
  3. Dogecoin
  4. Litecoin
  5. Binance
  6. Cardano

I’d really like LINK being added to provide. There is minimal LINK liquidity and trading on pDEX with LINK is really not possible for the average crypto user. I’d for one add LINK to the provide section.

How interested is the Link community in privacy mode?

When a coin (different from PRV) is added to the Provide feature it is used to increase the liquidity of PRV trading pair of that coin. This should result in an increase of trading for this trading pair.

If people are just interested in providing/staking Link to get a reward, and not in the supplied anonymous trading of the coin, the project would end up with a loss.

LINK, one of my largest holds, is one I cant add to Incognito because I would like to use pDex to trade LINK but I cant since there is minimal liquidity. I completely understand your reasoning, I know it’s easier said than done. Just to share my thoughts: I wouldn’t add liquidity through ADD because impermanent loss, I don’t like it. I’d really like to trade LINK (and in large quantities, 5, 10, 20k) and I would also add some to Provide to support the ecosystem.

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I understand it is kind of a catch22 situation which is why I asked, about “the link community”. Can you bring them in, are they interested in privacy, or is it just going to facilitate you personally? That is the important factor.

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Yea I understand. I don’t have contact with the link community so I cannot answer that. It is reasonable to wait for more support from LINK holders.