[OTC] Looking to buy PRV


I’m looking to buy tens of thousands of PRV and I know that it’s not a good idea to buy this kind of amount with the pDEX.

Is there any OTC like business to buy or sell PRV?


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Why you don’t want to use the pDEX for such needs ?

I mean why pDEX do not satisfy your request ?:slight_smile:

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Because it’s not easy to buy a good amount without pumping (a lot) the price.

That’s the main reason why OTC markets exist, to buy or sell huge amounts with no impact on spot markets prices.


Sure, definitely understand why OTC is existed :sweat_smile:


  • we work on attracting more liquidity providers for pDEX. So soon, it’s gonna be easier to trade bigger amounts without big impact on the price
  • we also thinking about order book, or somekind of functionality when you can do OTC online without middle man
  • and would like to assure you that there is NO official OTC from the foundation. If you find any - keep in mind all risks of doing it with not verified sellers

Thanks Andrey,

That’s a lot of good news, it’s great! :slight_smile:

About order books, that could be awesome! I love coding trading bots :grinning:


Hi @inccry.

At least until there is more liquidity and you can do the transaction all at once (which will happen soon as @andrey said ), for now you can buy around 100PRV to 200PRV at a time, then wait for the price to return before buying again (this can take anywhere from one hour to 24hrs.)
I have found that buying about 100-200PRV will not significantly lower in value the amount that you get on the transaction. But if you do any more than that at one time, the protective mechanism of the pDEX “punishes” you by lowering the value you are getting for PRV, per unit.

So for now, stay within the 100-200PRV range. Using this mechanism, I’ve managed to trade thousands of PRV within a few days, all at good value.

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Actually it’s not that bad :slight_smile: You can buy bigger amount with not big affect on the price.
Like 500 PRV trades, 1000 PRV trades should be more less similar price.


I haven’t found that to be true on my own purchases, but let’s see where it’s at right now…

One Transaction
$1000pUSDT --> PRV (@2.37) = 2,377 PRV

Multiple Transactions
$100 --> PRV (@2.41) = 241.8 PRV
x10 = 2418 PRV

One $1000 Transaction = 41 PRV loss. (About -$18 USD)

Gives you a little snapshot. That’s definitely better than it used to be a month ago!


So if I want to buy 50k PRV, it could take at least 250 days :grinning:

With only 330k PRV in the pDEX atm, big buys seem impossible but @andrey promised us more liquidity providers soon :pray:


@inccry Yes I guess it could take 250 days :joy:

Well, @andrey I believe is referring to them soon issuing a program to incentive people adding liquidity, which in theory should help increase the number of people interested in adding liquidity, and then the liquidity will go up.
I don’t think there’s a guarantee of how long that could take to increase liquidity to a point where you would need to make your 50k PRV purchase.

That being said, I am very interested in helping you to successfully make that 50k PRV purchase.
Are you at least doing it in stages for now?

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No, I hope someone will read this thread and make an offer :pray:

Or I should try to launch an OTC Desk myself :exploding_head:

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Oh like if they had 50,000 PRV in their wallet and you wanted to pay them $25k for it? Just sending through wallets? Are you sending them the money in USD?


Something like that, they give me an amount and a good price and I accept or reject the offer.

I’m sure we could find a trustable escrower for the deal.


You changed his numbers. He said 500 - 1000 PRV. You went for 1K USDT.

At the moment.
205 USDT -> 498 PRV
410 USDT -> 992 PRV (instead of 996 PRV)


Is there a price chart for the PRV over the last 6 months (or from inception).
I tried looking up the major crypto exchanges/sites and do not see one.
That may give us a better determination of how the PRV is doing and an incentive to buy.


Best to use this one now: https://pdex.incognito.best/


Here we are almost a year later from the original post date. Has it gotten any better? I’m now trying to buy 3500 PRV for a couple of nodes but also want to purchase maybe up to 20-25k. As far as I can tell, the pDex is still limited in liquidity (Too big an order really moves the price). Is there an OTC yet or is the going recommendation to just make small 100-200 PRV orders every day for 100 days?

Less than 1% for 25k PRV buy on PRV-pBTC, it’s way better than few months ago!

Capture d’écran 2021-02-14 à 16.52.33


Hi @CaptMartini, personally I think it makes sense to just buy it in a bunch up front. I understand that you may pay an extra % buying in bulk, but I don’t think small purchases over time are going to result in any savings.

Plus, if you buy in a bunch up front, you can immediately “Provide” your PRV and start gaining that 21% APY interest right away.

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21% interest is great but wouldn’t make up for paying 1.5x or 2x price anytime soon.

It’s the same old chicken egg story-- big buyers won’t come without decent liquidity and you won’t have decent liquidity without enough big buyers.