Orion integration with pdex

It was suggested I post these ideas here.
Screenshot_20210325-010315_Samsung Notes

I see the utility of the PRV coin so people can trade anonymously with ridiculously low fees. I think this is awsome.

But as we are still young we suffer from low liquidity. So we add kyber and Uniswap integration.

No sooner do we do that and BAM! prohibitively high gas fees arrive.

Solution? Integration with someone who is solving the liquidity and has fees problem. Use them as an onramp to the incognito layer 2.

Orion says it is trying to complete dexs by solving these issues. It has made kits for other coins to integrate liquidity solutions with its broker system giving access to cex and dex.

Orion works from wallet to wallet. So why not have it connect the incognito pools?

All we have to do is shoehorn it in the same way we did uniswap and make sure we integrate elrond, bsc and polkadot bridges so we can take advantage of every majior low fee coin pair on their layer 2’s and wrapped coins.



This would allow incognito to reallocate resources to what makes it special, the things it needs to get perfect.

  1. privacy
  2. Security
  3. Trustlesness
  4. Interoperability
  5. Decentralization.