options to unshield/withdraw


I have searched for the answer in the threads and on the youtube videos, so I apologize if it is already mentioned somewhere, could not find it.

I installed the wallet extension in Brave and made a deposit (which all worked fine) and am looking for ways to withdraw after making a swap.
In the youtube video shielding and unshielding/withdrawals are described - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_sTdq57S74&list=PLVMbLhwXOSLtYluyWKBNXtBbINLjvThS4&index=1 .

On the wallet product release the screenshot shows two tabs aof a coin in the wallet with options to send and receive - [Product release] Incognito wallet extension & web-based swap .

But in my wallet I just see the list of coins with their amounts and no other menu, options or buttons.

Therefore I would appreciate if you help me to find a way to unshield/withdraw und Account / Profile.

Thank you!

Hello @michael1234,

Sorry for the confusion. When you swap a coin you can select the network. If you select a network other than the Incognito blockchain a field will appear asking for the “Recipient Address”.

If you don’t want to swap you can select the same coin twice and the network and then unshield that way.

Hi, and thank you for the quick answer.
I would like to swap to usdt and see only incognito network is available - will the field asking for recepient address appear?

Thank you!

ok, here you swap usdt from unified to ethereum network.

I want to swap btc from bitcoin network to usdt which I then can withdraw:

It appears it is not detecting the route for that swap.

You can instead swap BTC > PRV and then PRV > USDT.

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I see , will check if it works.
Just for my understanding is incognito network the same as ‘unified’ or are these different things?

Thank you.

Unified coins means that you can withdraw that coin to any network supported. For example, USDT can be withdrawn to Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon networks.

You can read more about them here:

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