OPSEC integration

Great project! What I am missing is a guide of how to integrate Incognito into general OPSEC.

For example, which actions in the app expose the user’s IP address? This would be important to know when deciding which network to use before performing such actions.

Also, if the plan is to anonymize a transaction to someone who does not use Incognito, it seems that such a transaction would need to be shielded and then sent back out of Incognito to the destination address (/unshielded).

It is understandable in such a scenario that the amount of the second transaction should be delayed and use a lower amount than the shielding transaction to avoid easy matching on the public blockchain, but is it also necessary to transfer to another Incognito wallet before unshielding and/or converting through the pDEX before unshielding, in order to achieve both untraceability and unlinkability?

Finally, it seems that in any case the recipient would be able to tell that the monies received came out of Incognito. In the case where the recipient is a CEX or other off-ramp doing chain analysis as part of their AML, they certainly would know and might take issue with that. What are peoples’ experiences with unshielding (larger amounts) to CEXes?

Is there a risk of coins of clean origin becoming tainted as a result of sending them through Incognito?


Looking forward to the answer as well

The idea is to bring your coins into the Incognito environment, and stay within. Within the Incognito environment your transactions are anonymous.

Although the system can be used as a mixer, by trading for different coins, and switching accounts, the Incognito project hasn’t been developed with that scenario in mind.

I understand Incognito was not created for mixing, but surely others also eventually unshield some holdings. Everyone still has bills to pay in fiat. So when the moment comes, it’s useful if we can assess the privacy level of transactions back into public block chains and to off-ramps in particular.

@Jamie, you appear to be a veteran user here - could you perhaps comment more specifically on what actions inside of Incognito result in what level of privacy when moving back out?

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I could, but I won’t.
First because it has been mentioned and described in detail in several places on this forum already. Use the search engine.
Second, because I’d rather focus on in-environment use and development.