Open order 0% filled

I have an order open to sell ETH (unified) for USDC. ETH is slightly above the order price but yet none of the order has been filled. What am I missing? Should I use swap instead of sell?

If you want to sell ETH immediately, you should use Swap. If you have enough time for waiting someone to “fill” your order, then you may use limit orders. In other words, pDEX limit orders are pure maker orders. They cannot remove/take liquidity from pDEX. Until someone fills them, they remain in the order book.


Got it. Thanks. Where would I go to see about filling other people’s open orders, just out of curiosity?

On Buy/Sell tabs.

Btw, if you mean filling the orders without using AMM, it is not possible. Again you should use Swap function which executes an algorithm to give you the best rate using AMM and limit orders.