Onion routing implementation

im surprised to see this network dont use onion routing because this makes the traffic totally clear in a man in the middle case he can collect ip of all new transactions onchain so we really need tor or i2p

Hello @hoddling,

I asked a dev to step in and give you an in-depth reply. However, I just wanted to point out that end users can already use Tor with Incognito. If you utilize an app that makes all phone data go through the Tor network then it would work the same way as using a VPN network to access Incognito.

Hi @hoddling
Some users work around with VPN, Tor, or I2P. The coreteam plan to implement the Dandelion protocol. However the coreteam is quite busy with improving the corechain’s throughput, Dynamic Committee Size, and the pDEX. The onion routing doesn’t have in schedule until Q3 next year.


we need only onion routing on the network, an anonymous blockchain can’t be anonymous with clearnet

Good stuff.