[Ongoing] Incognito Listings

The following post will be a transparency report from the growth team detailing their efforts to have Incognito listed on multiple various platforms.

I will update this post as new developments occur.

Website Status Remarks
CoinGecko.com :orange_circle: Data Issue, only showing PRV/WBNB pair
CoinMarketCap.com :orange_circle: Listed, only showing PRV/WBNB pair
BitMart.com :yellow_circle: Pending
Gate.io :yellow_circle: Pending, Next Step
StakingRewards.com :yellow_circle: Applied, Pending Reply
KuCoin.com :white_circle: Planned
Nomics.com :orange_circle: Data stopped after pDEX v3, contacting to fix

As this post will continually be updated to show growth efforts with new listings/platforms, I have decided to lock this post. Any and all discussions around community want for new coins should be posted on a new thread as the following example:

Title: [Listing Request] ______ Platform

Platform Name:
Platform Website:
Contact Information:
Guidelines for Listing:

Feel free to add in any more useful information.