[Ongoing] App v.5

the current plan is to improve Provide (withdrawal ux is a priority) and also rework Add. the incentives structure for Add will have to take into account IL. the general idea is to give users viable choices.

@andrey and @duc are discussing the details and will have more information for everyone shortly.


App version 4.1.4 is live!

This update replaces “price difference” in the pDEX pro dashboard with “size impact”. Size impact shows the difference between the current price of an asset and your estimated trade quote, based on the current and resulting liquidity pool ratios. This makes it easy to know whether you’re getting a good rate, and how far it deviates from the asset price.

What’s the difference?

Price difference showed the difference between pDEX prices and external market prices, after accounting for the default slippage rate.

Size impact, on the other hand, is a more standard feature in DEXes. It shows the variance of prices in the same DEX you’re using, by accounting for the size of your trade in contrast with the amount of available liquidity.

Based on feedback from users, many people assumed that’s what the pDEX was showing with price difference, so we’ve changed it to meet your expectations.

What’s new?

The pDEX now shows size impact on both the simple and pro dashboards, calculated as a percentage with the following equation:

(Trade output amount) / (liquidity pool size) x 100 = (impact %)

This means that size impact is determined by the size of your trade in relation to the balance of liquidity available. Larger trades, then, have larger size impacts.

The ratio is multiplied by 100 to format it as a percentage. The minimum impact is 0.01%.

Note: This field does not show when you trade with pUniswap or pKyber.

Additionally, there is now a refresh button that you can use to reload the quoted amount if you wait too long before making a trade.


Hey @ning, I suggest the app should have a little eye symbol to toggle hiding/revealing the balance.


I had sent litecoin for shielding and it went over the shilding time for some reason.

The next day I saw I had never received my litecoin. I went into the transaction and LOW AND BEHOLD there was a retry button on the shilding. I clicked it and soon after I had my litecoin.

I want to thank you for this new little feature, you get points for improved user experience from me! Bravo!


@JoyRaptor Indeed, it is not new. That feature came to the app months ago. Also please notice that the button exists just for the trusted bridges (BTC, XMR, BNB, LTC etc.). It does not exist for the trustless bridges ( ETH, ETH, ETH :joy: ). Best.


App version 4.1.5 is live!

The latest version of the Incognito app has been released, and it comes with a slew of new features you’ve asked for.

What’s new:

  • Back up all: A new button in the Keychains tab that lets you back up all master and private keys at once.

  • Hide asset balance: A new button in the Assets tab that lets you hide your balance.

  • Provide reorder: Your tokens in Provide are now listed in order of the greatest balance to the least.

  • USD Provide balance: Provide balances can now show in USD instead of PRV.

  • Full key display: All characters in a key will now show in the keychain info screen, so you can hand-copy your keys without using your clipboard.

Which feature are you most excited about, and which one do you want to see next?


Back up all is very helpful. The next small feature I would like to see is Full Send/Receive Address display for visual confirmation of addresses in the other non-incognito wallet app (which is sending or receiving from incognito) without having to copy addresses to clipboard for confirmation that addresses match.


Can I know which screen do you want us to show full address? So I can add it to the plan.

App update: version 4.1.6

There was a display glitch in Provide that prevented you from seeing reward balances larger than 1000 PRV, and which resulted in the error message “Something went wrong”. That has now been fixed with this update. Your funds were safe, and you continued to earn despite the visual error.

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For the Receive addresses both shielding receive and incognito internal receive, the screens with the qr code and the copy button. I see an ellipsis always in the middle of my address and I assume the ellipsis is present not because I am using a fairly small smart phone screen around 5 inches.

For the send addresses (both for shielding and in incognito), when address is in the To: field, I can scroll through and see the whole address but this doesn’t make it easy for visual confirmation always scrolling from beginning to end to check to see I have the right address which I am about send sometimes large amounts. If that whole address could exist on multiple lines in the to: field of the send screen, that would be great. I do also use the contacts feature and usually save addresses with a contact name from people I send to, but those contact pages also have the ellipsis in the middle of the address. For complete transparency and ease of use for all those newbies who will one day pick up Incognito, it would be nice to make both of these screens, the send screen and the contacts page of incognito addresses display full addresses.

Though it is a small thing, it adds to the psychological feeling on the part of the user that addresses are completely transparent to them. There is already so much in the running of a blockchain network that is hidden from the average user because the learning curve is so steep, but being able to see and confirm the whole full address helps. I know perhaps in the future (and your contacts address book already starts this) the industry will be able to abstract the user further away from ever seeing those addresses since they are also intimidating to new users, but now at least for safety in what it still a somewhat experimental crytpo world, most users probably like that added ability to confirm addresses visually on their own without having to trust that the experimental program in development is doing it correctly for them (and they are thinking if just one character is off, then funds disappear). For now as long as I have to keep copying receive addresses from other wallets, I want ways to confirm them. I think about all those mistyped email addresses where people never receive their email (or it is bounced back in the good cases) because someone mistyped or miscopied an address, except now we talking about sending money.


Okay, we will add it to the plan of the app. Thank you for your feedback!


Hi. Is there a date of the Web extension and pDEX release known already? Thanks.

Hey @Josef the web extention has been released for devs to test and give feedback. Also, @taind just recently announced they have added pSwap in this thread: Taind - pSwap - Swap your way into privacy.


thanks will head over there :wink:

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Web extension and pDex has been delayed because we are focusing on improving existing feature on the app:

  • Shield/Unshield
  • Trade
  • Provide

Development paused for Incognito Pay, pDEX and wallet browser extensions

If you have already read this post, you know that we’re doubling down on network security and privacy features to prepare for decentralizing and open-sourcing the Incognito Project as soon as possible. To accomplish this, we’re putting some of the other cool initiatives we’ve been building on hold and using those resources and devs toward those goals. The initiatives being put on hold for the App v.5 proposal are Incognito Pay and the two web extensions for the wallet and pDEX.

Incognito Pay

While being able to process merchant-customer payments anonymously is a game-changer for the world of personal privacy and eCommerce (and commerce in general), it’s going to have to wait just a little longer.

We were so excited for this tool that we couldn’t wait to start building it - and we started too early. Once the infrastructure is in place and the Incognito network is fast and self-sufficient, we’ll resume and then release Incognito Pay.

Web extensions

Pausing these features is disappointing, since they enable even more freedom and access to privacy. But, ultimately, they’re additions to the network, not foundations of it, so in an effort to not distract ourselves from the priority of decentralization, we’re pausing development for now. We’re going to take the opportunity to change our release plans, and have the extensions thoroughly audited before release, which will now occur after the Privacy v.2 upgrade.

Other effects

The rest of App v.5 will continue as planned, with one exception. Development of the Ledger Integration will continue, but will be slightly delayed, and it will not meet its April release date. A new release date will be estimated soon.

App v.5 still has plenty of cool upgrades slotted, and pausing Incognito Pay and the web extensions will free up the resources we need to make the Incognito network faster, stronger, and more secure, and will enable us to release it sooner than we imagined.


App update: version 4.3.0 & version 4.3.1

  • The CSV export feature has arrived. You can now export your trade/transaction history for tax reports and other purposes. Fix errors when tapping on the notification.
  • Improved some essential functions: shield, unshield, and trade should work much more smoothly now.
    Please upgrade your mobile app to 4.3.0 from the appstore before update 4.3.1.


Please check out this post to see if it is possible to get the PRV (or other assets) price for each row in the export sheet:

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@bin @Chucky @Ducky @Support

Is it possible to let us know if getting the PRV price added to the csv export is something that can be done, and if it is, what sort of ETA would that be?

Its more time sensitive than normal due to tax filing deadlines.

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How do I do this? I did it all manually before. Can I export my trades made before the conversion?