OMG this is huge :D

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We should check and get in contact with them!


Thanks for sharing @sato, this is huge indeed.

For those that are not familiar with the Signal app, check out this TechCrunch article (15 Jan 2021) that outlines people are moving away from null-privacy apps like WhatsApp to more “Privacy-first” apps like Signal and Telegram.

Here is the article -
E2E encrypted email providers also see sign-ups surge as chat app users flock to Signal and Telegram in search of privacy


I read they they are trying Stellar blockchain…mmmh

We should use the momentum to bring us into the media chatter according signal integration as well.

Is there any place to vote like protonmail?

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Sry, not sure what you mean with Protonmail in terms of voting? Only know it as a e-mail provider.

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We had a votation to add #incognitopay into protonmail! HERE


Going live in the UK

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