Obsidian Lab

We are ObsidianLab, an international team of software developers. We focus on building applications and services that emphasize on anonymity, privacy and decentralized. We just formed a few months ago and we really like what Incognito is building here, so we have decided that our first application will be a desktop app for Incognito user, which currently missing. We are currently on track for a beta version in early February 2022.

Some key features we planned for Obsidian Desktop:

  • Send and Receive tokens
  • Wallet management
  • Balance notification
  • Block explorer
  • Support for pDex v3
  • Extended market tools for pDex v3

Here are some screenshots (Work in progress):





Besides the desktop app project, we are also doing research on a SmartContract model for Incognito and other improvements as well, more info on these in Q1 2022.

This is our main account on this forum, we will only use this account to update the progress of our projects.

Happy Holiday :santa::christmas_tree:

Disclaimer: we are a 3rd party dev team and we don’t have any direct connection with the Incognito core team at the moment. Products and services provide by us in the future will get support via our own communication channels.


Does the team have any direct connection with the incognito dev team? The devs were planning to release a web platform from memory in early 2022.

Nonetheless nice to see someone else develop on the platform.

Merry Christmas :christmas_tree::snowman::santa:

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Hello @SPAddict25, we currently don’t have any direct connection with the Incognito dev team.
Merry Christmas :christmas_tree::snowman::santa:

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Hello, which sdk you guys are using for web wallet integration?

We are also planning to do so from a while now but no success as of now.

How you guys are planning to make connection to incognito network?

Thanks and regards

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Hi @Parth_Dave, we currently using/copy-ing the official go-SDK. Our wallet consist of 2 parts: the web UI and a desktop service running in the background.