Notification when Node starts creating?

Hi. Maybe this has been asked before but after searching I couldn’t find it.

Is it possible to get a notification when my Node starts creating?

Right now I have to check Power regularly to see and with how random the creations are it would be really nice to know when my Node starts creating. Especially so I don’t do something dumb like unplug it inadvertently while it is creating.

Hi @jtio. You can use nito bot on telegram for now. I hope that helps.

You can access it here :

You can find information here:

Here what it looks like :


Hi @Stradimarius. Thanks for the suggestion but I don’t use Telegram and probably never will. Just don’t fundamentally agree with how they encrypt their data.

Hey @jtio Welcome to incognito :slight_smile:

As @Stradimarius mentioned, you can use the community created NitoBot in order to check your current nodes cycle.

@Stradimarius Thanks for jumping into this one :slight_smile:

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Hi @Chucky. I understand. Is it something you would consider adding?

Yes this is something that has been discussed.

Currently our priority is Incognito's 2021 privacy roadmap for the world


@jtio We have recently implemented notifications when your node earns but you need to enable app notifications for it though.

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Hi @Chucky. That’s great!

Just curious what does recently mean? My node earned on the 17th and I wasn’t notified.

I do get notifications when I provide so I know app notifications are working.

Me neither actually. I only see a notification when my node earnt.

I think Chucky means that you will get a notification after your Node gets the rewards.

Image from iOS (104)

What I do agree with is we should have been notified when the Node is going to earn. Just like Nito that Stradimarius suggested: It tells you when the Node is Pending, so you know that your Node will become a committee validator next epoch.

We will add it to the queue but there is no ETA yet at this moment :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s great to hear @Peter. Thank you.

I’m not very involved but a distance I really like the direction you all are moving. :slight_smile:

@jtio You didnt receive a notification when your node received the reward? If not could you give me more information so we can troubleshoot?

Can i please have:

  • Device you are using
  • OS(Android/IOS) and version


@Chucky I did not. Here is my info:

  • Pixel 4XL
  • Android 11
  • Incognito app version 3.10.0

Could you try updating to the latest app version? It should be 3.10.6, that may be the reason you did not get the notification.

I will as soon as it gets to me. I just checked the Play Store app listing and it shows 3.10.0 as the latest version.

I will follow up after the app updates and my node receives the next reward. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Chucky, I got the in app update to 3.10.7 this morning. This makes me think I was on 3.10.6 last week.

It’s hard to know because there doesn’t seem to be a place in the Android app that shows that. Even in settings it shows 3.10.0.

Correct. the latest app update is 3.10.7. Once you earn, let me know if you get the notification. If not we can further diagnose.

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Hi @Chucky, today my node created and I wasn’t notified when it finished. 3.10.9

Hi @jtio, we will have a check. But you did allow the Incognito app to send you notifications, right?
You can check it by going to Setting => Apps => Incognito Wallet => Notifications.


Hi Peter. I do have notifications turned on. I get notifications when I transfer balances.