NodeJS SDK. Withtdraw BTC. Transaction timed out

Hey. I am withdrawing BTC from my Incognito wallet to an outer BTC wallet.
I am doing it using NodeJS SDK and working in the testnet.

After performing the transaction I see that this transaction exists in the history with status “Timed out”. The message is “There was an issue completing this transaction. Your funds have been returned. Please try again.” Of course, I have tried again.

This is the code snippet I am using to withdraw BTC:

const incognitoAmount = '80';
const requestedAmount = '0.000080'; 
const outerWalletAddress = 'mpgn8s96en3uMp2vcQY917gKkZz8DsgsbF';
const userFees = await walletBTCToken.bridgeWithdrawEstUserFee({
    incognitoAmount: incognitoAmount,
    requestedAmount: requestedAmount,
    paymentAddress: outerWalletAddress
console.log('userFees', userFees)
const tempAddress = userFees.Address;

const txBurn = await walletBTCToken.bridgeBurningCentralized({
    privacyPaymentInfoList: [
            paymentAddressStr: tempAddress, //temp address
            amount: incognitoAmount,
            message: '',
    nativePaymentInfoList: [
            paymentAddressStr: userFees.FeeAddress, //fee(master) address
            amount: userFees.PrivacyFees.Level1,
            message: '',
            paymentAddressStr: tempAddress, //temp address
            amount: '100',
            message: '',
    memo: 'burn tx tomo',
console.log('tx burn', txBurn);

const withdraw = await walletBTCToken.bridgeWithdrawCentralized({
    privacyFee: '',
    nativeFee: '100',
    burningTxId: txBurn.txId,
    userFeeSelection: 2, // NATIVE FEE
    userFeeLevel: 1,
console.log('withdraw', withdraw);

This is the transaction object I see when I call bridgeGetHistory method:

“StatusMessage”:“Timed out”,
“StatusDetail”:“There was an issue completing this transaction. Your funds have been returned. Please try again.”,

Could anyone please explain me why am I getting timeout? Maybe should I use bridgeWithdrawDecentralized method? Maybe I don’t need to use address from userFees.Address? Or maybe my outer BTC address (mpgn8s96en3uMp2vcQY917gKkZz8DsgsbF) is not supported by Incognito? Maybe I need to somehow confirm it?

Hi, SDK-V2 is still developing and you can use branch develop for sdk-v2 by install the branch and reference project
We have two examples about bridgeWithdrawCentralized by native fee (PRV) and pToken fee

Thanks for the answer.

I have seen the example and followed it. The result is timeout.

I have checked the code in the “develop” branch and didn’t find any differences from master that may be related to the withdraw.

I have also downloaded incognito-extension-wallet project and compared my code and code there (I am talking about src/module/send/Send.enhanceUnshield.tsx/handleDecentralizedWithdraw).

The only difference is this part of the code:
Maybe I need a little help to understand what the code is doing. Do I get it right that it also performs some actions that are needed to confirm the withdrawal? Something like sending additional request to the endpoint like ${server.exploreChainURL}/tx/${confirmTx.txId}? Could you please tell me if I’m right or not?

Thank you for the support. I appreciate your help.