How is the new setup different from previous? I had problems with the wallet/node setup and used the desktop app.



During the first process there were errors all along the way and required manual work from the support team to correct them. Support was awesome then and got me up and running but it took some time. For this process, the entire setup was completed without the help of support and any errors encountered on the node self-corrected. And that was with multiple nodes.

Also, as an extra, the ordering/shipping process was fairly smooth this time. The first time around it took months and required lots of support contacts…required a lot “faith” at the time.

Was the new process perfect, no, but it was very much improved. Seeing the development from the very beginning to now is a reassuring sign that the team is really trying to make this something great.


That’s very reassuring, thanks for your feedback!

Cheers :+1:


Here is my node.


Hello, I’m new to this and want to get a node. I just can’t find something about the rewards… I don’t understand what’s the 100%… If I get 1 node and I stake 1750 PRV on it I’ll get 100% ROI per year? Where can I read about it?

Also here’s a link for Blockfolio to list PRV there for those who didn’t have the thumb up yet :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Nubex, to buy a node you can access from the Node Section in Incognito App.

If you buy Node you have a choice to Stake your own 1750 PRV or funded PRV from pool. And the you can see from here

If you rent (the funded PRV) you only earn 35% from 100% of earnings.
If you use your own PRV, you earn 100% from earnings (not 100% ROI)

The average of earning is ~ 27 PRV / Week
So if you rent 1750 PRV
27 PRV x 35% = ~9,45 PRV
And if you have fully 1750 PRV, you get 100% that ~ 27 PRV

All the detail things about Node earning you can check @Mike_Despo post about Weekly Earnings :smiley:

Have a great day, and welcome to our Incognito Community


Thank you for the gift! He managed to arrive just in time for my birthday! :boom: :boom: :boom:


Congratulations :tada: @zes333, as I know you purchased it :slight_smile: Great that it’s arrived on time. Happy Birthday.

How to make a pNode the mast have gift for crypto birthdays?)


With the new staking option the node pool has changed in the app. To be honest I don’t know where it went or if it was removed along with link.

However I can say JServers is still providing shared node services and private node hosting.


It is a bit confusing for most. It moved to “Provider”, switch the current account (keychain) to pStake and you should see Node pool information.

Not sure where the 3rd party links went.


Does the Node have a large draw on your internet Bandwidth? Is there an average expectation/example of monthly bandwidth use that anybody can provide?
Thank you, the app is a major achievement.


The bandwidth use varies a lot. When your node is waiting to be selected it will not use much bandwidth, when it is preparing for earning it will because it needs to sync up with the shard it is going to be attached to.

Let me check if someone can back this up with real numbers and get back to you.


How long does it take pNode to report being off the network? Mine has been powered off for about 3 hours but still shows as waiting to be selected.


@Josh_Hamon It should be 10 - 15 minutes only. We are working on an update to improve it, together with the problem with the “Fix it” message.


Hi Peter, I didn’t explain myself very well.

  1. I have a pNode, it has now been powered off for ~27 hours
    a. (Initially, my house lost power for a couple of hours, then I left it unplugged.)
  2. However, it still shows up in the beacon as ready to be selected, even now.
  3. It was selected and earned last week. Not :100: that it was working fine before the power loss, but close enough in my mind.

I was expecting it to fall off of the beacon at some point, then to get an alert from Nito. But so far, I haven’t.

(I’m not concerned with the fix-it message in the app, I know that’ll get fixed in time.)

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@Josh_Hamon, my pNode was unplugged for 2 days and was showing up as ready to be selected. It was confusing to me as well.


@Josh_Hamon @taruneldho

As far as I know, your node will only disappear from that list once you unstake.
On selection the system will detect there is no communication possible with your node and skip you for earning.


So checking the chain isn’t an effective way to see if your node is connected?

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Checking the chain is good for checking whether or not the system sees your Node as staked properly. And of course when you end up in one of the other groups, pending, and earning, you can be sure your Node is connected and up to speed.

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Doesn’t being staked properly include being online/available to the network? :thinking: Sounds like something to work on.

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