It’s a beautiful thing.

Node earns PRV, the native cryptocurrency of the Incognito network. Housed in a unibody aluminum chassis and finished with woven fabric, it’s a beautiful personal miner for the home. But the most beautiful thing about it – it powers privacy.

It’s useful to others.

Node is the heart of the people’s privacy network. Since November 2019, Nodes have collectively processed 220,000+ confidential crypto transactions in BTC, ETH, USDT, and 70+ other cryptocurrencies. Join a global network of over 1,500 Nodes that work to support privacy for the world.

It pays for itself multiple times over.

Earning approximately 35 PRV a month, Node will pay for itself in under a year. And that’s just with PRV. It’ll also be earning transaction fees in BTC, ETH, USDT, etc. – any currency transacted on the Incognito network. These earnings will increase alongside demand for privacy. So if privacy wins, you win.


It’s easy to get going.

Set up Node in 5 minutes or less. Just plug and play.


There’s more than one way to power the Incognito network.

Node Virtual

Prefer working with code? You can run one or more Nodes on a cloud instance such as AWS or DigitalOcean. Validate privacy transactions and build new blocks. Get paid in PRV and transacted currencies – such as BTC, ETH, and USDT.


Node FAQs

What does it mean to power privacy?

Nodes power the Incognito network, the first privacy PoS network that enables privacy for all current (and future) crypto assets, chains, and use cases. Incognito turns any public coin (BTC, ETH, DAI, etc…) into a privacy coin (pBTC, pETH, pDAI, etc.), wipes them off public ledgers, and turns on privacy for any public transaction.

How do Nodes make money?

Whether you join a Node Pool, plug in a Node device, or run a Node Virtual, you’re giving others the choice of privacy. So apart from block reward earnings in PRV (Incognito’s native coin), a percentage of every private transaction will go to you. Whenever someone sends Bitcoin privately, you get Bitcoin. Whenever someone sends Ether privately, you get Ether.

Which currencies can Nodes earn?

Nodes earns Incognito’s native coin, Privacy (PRV), for every block created. Since Nodes enable incognito mode for multiple currencies from multiple blockchains, they also collect transaction fees in multiple cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, BNB, and more).

How much electricity does the Node device consume?

Node is very energy efficient. At maximum capacity, it consumes ~1.5 kWh a day. On average, it consumes less than ~1 kWh a day. In the US, that’s about $0.06 a day.

Which countries is Node available in?

All Node options are available worldwide. You only need an internet connection to join a Node Pool or run a Node Virtual. The Node device ships worldwide and ships quickly through our international warehouse partners in North America, Europe and Asia.

Where is Incognito incorporated?

Incognito is not a company. It is an open-source project that is being maintained and operated by its users.

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just setting up a node on my son’s desk and he’s loving it. we’ve been talking about bitcoin, ethereum, and prv of course :innocent: – and how they’re different from fiat money like the dollar bill. this is a great friendly way to start teaching kids about cryptocurrencies.

i think cryptocurrencies vs. fiat money will be just like smartphones vs. dial/rotary phones :phone: to kids today. when they grow up, they won’t know how to use fiat money just like they can’t operate a dial/rotary phone :joy:


Hey, my Node just arrives. Set up guide is easy and straightforward, though I’m still waiting to be staked. Thank you @peter you have been a great help.

Peter told me that I can choose to stake 1750 PRV myself as well, but I go for funded staking first. What did you guys opt for?


What does it mean to stake 1750 PRV? I’m new to this. My package is on its way. I can’t wait to set it up.


Hi, Incognito network implements Proof-of-Stake. You run a node and stake the required 1750 PRV. It is held as collateral in the network until you withdraw it and stop running the node.
As Physical Node is a plug-and-play device, it adopts the Funded Staking mechanism by default. You don’t have to worry about 1750 PRV like Virtual Node operator.
Additionally, you can choose to buy 1750 PRV and stake on your own (Regular Staking).
See also: pNode Staking Mechanism


I’ve got this Node for like 3 months now. Although the setup process was not easy at first, the team managed to fix & improve a lot over time.
It earns some crypto once in a while, I can convert PRV to USDT or BTC as I want.
It’s a recommended buy for anyone interested in crypto & privacy. If you go for something like a quick-return investment, then this is probably not for you. I happened to join their unboxing contest & here’s the link to the video for anyone curious about what’s inside the box.


Here is the unboxing video and set up guide that I think might be helpful for you.

Just so you know the setup flow is different now, we will be updating new video soon.


While translating to Turkish, I noticed “deserve” word in “you help secure privacy for all those who deserve it”. Did you mean “demand” or did you use “deserve” intentionally? @annie


I made a video about my Incognito Node! I know it’s very basic and “amateur flavored”, but I wanted to share this with everyone anyway. Please let me know if you guys have any tips or advice!


My node arrived 3 months ago. It was easy to set up, all I needed to do was plug it in, add it in the app, and put it on my desk. Node has already helped me earn PRV and some others like BTC, ETH, etc. it’s my passive income source :slight_smile:
I love it. Thank you, Incognito! :heart:


Awww! We’re so happy to see this. Glad that you enjoy your Node mate ;).


Finally got my node up and running.
The post about the 15PRV is locked. Posting here instead.

Here is to a safe and secure crypto future.


Congratz on running a node and thanks for promoting it.

The post was locked because the promotion expired.


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I am unable to contact my node to my WiFi Network. I have followed all steps and still nothing works. I have even used ether cable with nothing changing. Could someone help please?


Pinging @Peter to step in and help with your Wifi issues.

Keep in mind, most of the team, including the support team, is based in Vietnam. Support is typically provided M-F and is much more sparse over the weekend.

Be patient, they will be in contact with you and will help you resolve the issue. Both of my pNodes needed several interventions from support to get online. It is frustrating when it doesn’t work, but I assure you the project is not a scam and they will work hard to get your pNode online.


Thank you!


My pnode had issues as well and the team worked with me to pinpoint the issue. Now my node is happy and earning while I sleep.


Ok. Who is ssupport?