Node withdrawal problem

I am not able to withdraw from my nodes. Get error -3001. Provide withdrawals are fine as is trading. Presumably I have enough PRV. V1 to V2 has been done and I have credit. Many thanks

Try using the faucet to make sure that PRV V2 is not your problem.

Could you please explain, I will appreciate… :pray:t3::pray:t3:

Hello @GhostJJC,

What would you like explained?

What will I do next with the site you recommended in order to earn PRV

Is that all I need to do to earn PRV? Paste my PRV and click Give me PRV.
Will I starts earning PRV from there?

You can earn PRV by staking PRV under the provide tab in the app. Right now the rate is 21% pay.

If you have 1750 PRV you can run a vNode and get rewarded for doing so.

The faucet only gives you a very tiny amount to help facilitate trades.